Linguistic Pollution

According to the Oxford dictionary, language means – Human communication through the use of spoken or written words, but I believe that language is not just something which helps us to communicate, it is something more than that. It is a vehicle, a vehicle which carries our culture and tradition with us. More than anything […]

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Noise Is Essential?

Recently there was a controversy when a very renowned Bollywood singer, Sonu Nigam, blamed that the sound of the morning azaan tends to ruin his sleep and some people even came up in his support. And at that time people were even debating that loudspeakers should be banned at such religious places. But Kalki Koechlin […]

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India Is A Rebellious Country?

I am an Indian and I wanted people to know about this topic since a long time now, so in this blog I’m going to try and make you understand my thoughts about India and if it is a rebellious country, with rebellious people, who always want to fight? Rather than jumping straight on the […]

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